Regulations which came into force on 1st October 2007 in England de ne certain converted blocks of self-contained ats as HMOs.

S.257 refers to the clause in the Housing Act 2004 which introduced this type of Occupied Test HMO.

If a block you manage is classed a S.257 HMO then there are additional management regulations you need to be aware of and follow. See below for details.

Covering Topics

  • The Definition Of S.257 HMO
  • The Standards Of Conversion
  • The Less Than Two-Thirds Owner-Occupied Test HMO.
  • How To Avoid Being A S.257 HMO
  • The Additional Management
  • Regulations For S.257 HMOs
  • Licensing Of S.257 HMOs
  • Who Will Be The Licensee?
  • Managing Agents, Fees And Licences Of S.257 HMOs

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