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A Common Cause

Whilst serving and representing their members within the residential property management sector, ARMA and IRPM worked closely with the wider industry and government, speaking truth to power and helping to shape key areas of legislation so they were achievable and realistic for their members.

Following the Grenfell tragedy, the two bodies were influential in helping the sector to deliver the new building safety regime. ARMA and IRPM have also championed the importance of improving the mental health of those working within the sector.

A unified body representing both the Individual and Company was a natural next step. The decision to unify the bodies into The Property Institute now means that all Individual members and Company members can enjoy the benefits, advantages, expertise, training, guidance and support they came to rely on from ARMA and IRPM. The Property Institute also gives its members a greater voice.

A not-for-profit, member-led organisation, The Property Institute now represents a significant proportion of the sector. It maintains its work with the Government to ensure that new and proposed legislative changes are achievable for members, and implemented for the benefit of all clients and residents.

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A New Property Institute

The Grenfell tragedy brought to light the historic failures of the current built environment. The Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety, known as the Hackitt review, sparked a significant change in the way buildings are managed. The subsequent wave of new building safety legislation is now the responsibility of the sector. Placing responsibility on many TPI members. Their role is crucial in ensuring the safety of residents both now and in the future.

In the absence of government regulation, we believe a professionalised sector employing competent individuals is the best way to deliver the new safety regime and meet the expectations of the sector.

Based on our qualifications, expert guidance and technical support, The Property Institute’s members represent the 'gold standard' for professional practitioners and companies operating in the residential property management sector across England, Wales and Scotland.

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