Big Ben and the Houses of Parliment

The Property Institute (TPI) has long collaborated with the Government to ensure competent, safe, and ethical management of tall and complex buildings.

In recent years, TPI has actively pursued positive changes in the property management sector by working with parliamentarians and Department Officials on key legislation, including the Building Safety Act 2022 and more recently, the Leasehold & Freehold Reform Act 2024.  Whilst these landmark Acts mark progress, TPI is clear that the next Government must act swiftly and decisively to protect leaseholders and raise standards.

Ahead of the UK General Election on 4 July, TPI calls on the next Government to set the right policy and regulatory framework to improve the lives of residents in multi-occupied buildings. TPI’s manifesto is an agenda for change – to regulate the property management sector, and to take action to improve the safety, living experience and environmental sustainability of the country’s ‘vertical villages’. 

“Improving the lives of residents in multi-occupancy buildings must be high on the agenda of the next Government. The Property Institute is committed to working with Government to ensure the safe, ethical, and professional management of people’s homes. We have four core asks of the next Government to drive progress in achieving this.”

TPI has released its 2024 manifesto today (11th June), outlining four key asks for the next Government: 

  • Introduce regulation of managing agents

    This will mean leaseholders and private tenants will all benefit from improved standards in the management of their buildings and communities.

  • Deliver transparency of information for leaseholders

    There must be greater transparency for leaseholders at the point of purchase, and throughout their period of ownership, particularly regarding service charges.

  • Finish the job of fixing unsafe buildings

    The implementation issues and slow progress of the remediation programme and the complex leaseholder protections regime must be addressed to fully fix buildings and make residents feel safe and protected from unnecessary costs.

  • Enable blocks of flats to decarbonise to help achieve Net Zero

    Leaseholders should be empowered to make energy efficiency improvements to their homes, with support from a government strategy and grant funding options. 


Download TPI's 2024 Manifesto

TPI remains dedicated to being a voice for the residential property management sector and is committed to working with the next government to ensure all necessary legislative mechanisms, strategies, and funding are in place.