Following our recent advice on our ongoing dialogue with Government, triggered by the letter sent out by Secretary of State, Rt Hon Michael Gove MP on Monday 27th June, we wanted to share with you copies of the two letters we have sent in response, in order to gain more clarity and detail on the leaseholder protections and the future of funding building safety projects.

Firstly, we have written directly to Mr. Gove to respond to his original letter – a copy of this letter can be found here

In addition, we have written to Lord Greenhalgh, Minister for Building Safety and Fire, to raise – in greater detail - some of the issues and questions we have heard from you, as well as requesting greater collaboration across the industry, with a renewed call to establish a Fire Safety Delivery Group, and an invitation to convene a roundtable meeting with TPI, our members, and officials. You can view a copy of this letter here

We will keep you updated with the progress of these conversations and outcomes.

In the meantime, we understand that you are likely to be dealing with a high volume of queries from leaseholders. To assist with this, TPI has published a statement on both the ARMA and IRPM public websites, that you can direct leaseholders to. In the same way as we will keep you updated, we will also update this statement and provide further advice, as the detail comes through. Please feel free to direct leaseholders to the pages here: IRPM Leaseholder Update.