Varying leases is never an easy option and managing agents who have tried on behalf of clients usually advise extreme caution before proceeding. That said there are cases where defective leases make good management impossible.

It is not the role of a managing agent to push through a lease variation. The instructions of the client are required. A managing agent can advise and may agree to take on some of the work involved for an additional fee.

Covering Topics

  • Overview
  • Voluntary Variations
  • Statutory Variation by Application to The FTT
  • Variation of an Individual Lease
  • Consequential Application In Relation to other Leases
  • Variation at Request of Majority
  • The Role of The FTT
  • Compensation
  • Insurance Provisions and Leases of Houses
  • Variation of Administration Charges In Leases
  • Some Precedent Cases about Lease Variation
  • Other Uses of Lease Variation

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