Under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) 'duty holders' have a legal responsibility to have 'thorough examinations' carried out by 'competent persons' on lifts in their charge. 

Covering Topics

What Are My Responsibilities As A Duty - Holder? [E.G. Building Owner Or Building Managing Agent]

What Is A Thorough Examination?

How Do I Fulfill My Duties?

How Often Should Thorough Examinations Be Carried Out?

How Do I Select A Competent Person?

Common Approaches

I Have An Existing Maintenance Contract That Includes For SAFed 1, And 10 Year Inspections And Tests, What Should I Do?

If The Competent Person Calls For A Supplementary Test, Do I Have To Have It Carried Out?

The Thorough Examination Has Identified Serious Or Significant Defects, What Do I Have To Do?

The Thorough Examination Has identified Minor Defects, What Should I Do?

How Do I Budget For Supplementary Tests if I Do Not Know When They Will Be Required?

Legal Requirements

Non-LOLER Premise

The SAFed Route

What is SAFed?

What Are The SAFed's Guidelines On The Supplementary Tests For In-Service Lifts?

Status Of The SAFed Guidelines

What Have SAFed Examinations And Supplementary Tests Carried Out? 


Further Information

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