After October 2023, when Section 77 of the Building Safety Act 20221 [the Act] is anticipated to come into force, the principal accountable person [PAP] for a higher-risk building will commit an offence if the building is occupied but not registered.

A higher-risk building has:
•    at least 7 floors or is at least 18 metres in height; and
•    at least 2 residential units.

The Building Safety (Registration of Higher-Risk Buildings and Review of Decisions) (England) Regulations 20232 sets out the information that must be included in the registration of a higher-risk building.

Covering Topics

  • ARMA Standards 
  • Overview
  • Introduction
  • Registration
  • Making the application 
  • Accountable person details
  • Building summary
  • Making changes
  • Withdrawing an application
  • Decisions
  • Penalties for failing to regsiter on HRB
  • Key Building Information
  • Bibliography

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