The Act was passed in November 2006 but brought in in stages up to October 2009. This GN refers only to parts of the Act about private companies limited by share or guarantee relevant to Resident Management Companies (RMCs).

From October 2009 there are revised model articles for newly forming private companies limited by shares and guarantees which incorporate the changes set out below. These replace the existing ‘Tables’.

Covering Topics

  • Overview
  • Changes Commenced 1st January 2007
  • Changes Commenced From 20th January 2007
  • Changes From October 2007
  • Changes From April 2008
  • Changes From October 2008
  • Changes From October 2009
  • The New Models/Articles For Companies
  • Person Of Significant Control
  • Late Filing Penalties
  • Advice For Existing RMCs
  • Further information

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