This month marked the commencement of many regulations for the ‘in-occupation’ phase of the Building Safety Act 2022, and to support the industry in the delivery of the new requirements The Property Institute, the leading professional body for property management, has launched its new Building Safety Hub. This brand new platform serves as a comprehensive indexed source of news and information for property managers, specialist contractors, dutyholders and residents, in relation to building safety in residential multi-occupancy buildings in England. 


Following its initial launch exclusively to The Property Institute’s members in 2022, the original Building Safety Hub received thousands of site visits, with members regularly accessing the hundreds of articles, resources and webinars. The Property Institute recognised the need to create a publicly available Hub for all those involved in the safety management of buildings across England, culminating in the Hub’s redevelopment and relaunch earlier this month. It is believed to be the first dedicated resource which brings all the latest news, regulations, updates, webinars and guidance from all relevant legislation and government departments and bodies together in one easily searchable platform.  


The revolutionised public Hub collates publicly available building safety guidance across five key sections, each with their own subsections:







The Hub features building safety content created specifically for The Property Institute members, with many of the useful links, guidance, webinars and updates now publicly accessible for the first time. Across its building safety pillars, the Hub also hosts content relating to personal development, with details of relevant building safety training and events from both The Property Institute and the wider industry. This makes it an unrivalled educational tool which can be shared with clients, colleagues, and residents.


The revolutionised Building Safety Hub features an optimised search function which allows users to see references to their search terms across ARMA Guidance Notes, video content and other resources. 


Andrew Bulmer, CEO of The Property Institute said: ‘Launched to meet the challenge of guidance and regulations changing almost daily, our Building Safety Hub is a brilliant tool to assure our members, and their clients and residents that they have access to the latest and most authoritative sources of guidance and information. We are proud to be the first in the industry to bring all the relevant information, support, and updates together, creating an independent single source of truth, and helping to improve transparency between all parties involved in building safety management. We want all those involved in the safe management of buildings across England to use it. So, spread the word, share it with dutyholders, colleagues, and residents alike.’


The Hub currently serves as a comprehensive guide to building safety information news and updates for residential property in England. As further information is made available in Wales and Scotland, it will be included on the new Building Safety Hub. 


The Property Institute’s Building Safety Bulletins continue to be sent out to thousands of members on a regular basis to summarise the latest updates and news featured on the Hub. 


Access the Building Safety Hub here:


Please note that the content on Building Safety Hub is for information purposes only and covers regulations and legislation and updates as they were on the date displayed. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the latest guidance and information is available and updated, regulations and associated guidance may and will change. We recommend seeking independent professional advice for all technical and legal queries.

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