Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Communal Living Environments


Property managers are now dealing with requests for EVCs on a regular basis – and as fuel costs go up and the drive to net zero becomes more urgent, they will become more frequent. And if it seems unduly complex to allow a single leaseholder to install a chargepoint, it is not hard to imagine the potential difficulties of site-wide installations.


There is no one-size fits all solution as all developments and lease arrangements are different and the majority of blocks are likely to require a bespoke system. Multiple parties will be involved and the property manager sits in the middle, taking on the responsibility not only of juggling contractors and permissions but also has to engage with often impatient leaseholders with little understanding of the potential problems being thrown up by the project.


Electrical vehicle charging infrastructure in communal developments has been written by Alan Draper from EV Solutions Group Ltd. It is a comprehensive guide to EVCs in residential blocks and takes property managers through the process of EVC installation step-by-step.


Two useful checklists are included. One helps frame responses to requests for chargepoints from individual leaseholders, and one supplies a series of questions that must be asked and answered when faced with a site-wide request.

The think piece also delves into:

  • The reasoning behind the need for EV charging & the different considerations
  • How EV requests are dealt with today, including all legal requirements
  • Finally, the different array of solutions available for multi site dwellings

Download the Think Piece here. 

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