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A modern apartment block in front of a social housing block

This two-day in person building safety masterclass will cover the practicalities and details of the new building safety regime providing a more focused and forensic look at what the new Building Safety Act and associated legislation means for senior property managers who will be involved in assisting and facilitating their clients in complying with the new regime.

Training Course Content

The training will enable you to understand:


  • the broad requirements of the Building Safety Act 2022 and the secondary legislation that is in force;
  • the expected secondary legislation; and
  • the competency standards for those involved in building safety management.

It will cover all relevant aspects of the Building Safety Act and associated legislation including:


  • the role of the regulator and enforcement;
  • duties relating to occupation and building work;
  • the identification of duty holders and higher-risk buildings;
  • safety case and safety case reports;
  • the assessment and management of building safety risks;
  • recovery of costs under the new regime;
  • duties of residents under the new regime;
  • the management of competence and organisational capability;
  • leaseholder protections and landlord’s certificates and leaseholder deeds of certificate.


Senior property managers who hold responsibility for their company’s compliance with the BSA and associated legislation, and those who have attended TC 107 and/or TC108 and wish to have a deeper understanding of the Act and its directives.


Membership levelPrice
Members £350.00
Non Members £500.00