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This course (Three hours a day over two days if online, a single six hour session if in person) will teach you how to navigate working with a Housing Association. Find out how to get your invoices paid. Understand how a Housing Association is structured, how they work and what they prioritise. Identify the key decision makers and gatekeepers within a Housing Association to unblock problems. Through interactive discussion participants will gain insider’s knowledge and have their specific situations expertly addressed.

Course Contents

Facilitator: Steve Michaux – Former Director of Residential Services at A2Dominion

By the end of the course, you will have knowledge and understanding of:

  • How Housing Associations are structured
  • How to identify and communicate effectively with key decision makers and gatekeepers at a Housing Association
  • What your contacts at Housing Associations are prioritising and why
  • How best to represent your interests to your contacts at Housing Associations
  • How your specific needs, pain points and issues can best be addressed

Intended For

This course is suitable for anyone who's work brings them into contact with Housing Association, this could be but not limited to, Senior staff and property managers at Managing Agents. 


Membership levelPrice
Members £100.00
Non Members £175.00

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