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Residential and commercial management: an excellent knowledge of one does not imply a competence to handle the other. The expectations and perceptions of commercial occupiers are often very different from those of the residential occupiers, and a Landlord whose main interest is receiving rent from commercial occupiers has yet different objectives and perspectives. These must all be understood. This six hour course run over two online sessions will provide hard won industry advice and practical training to deal with the conflicting demands and legal set ups of Leasehold and Commercial buildings. It examines the practical difficulties imposed by the different statutory and regulatory regimes for commercial and residential property. Pulling on case studies and up to date trainer knowledge this course will help you navigate the demands of managing mixed use developments.

Course Contents


What the course covers:

  • Different Lease Terms for commercial or residential properties.
  • Different expectations of commercial and residential tenants.
  • When Landlords try to maximise their rental return.
  • Different service charge proportions and the effective of “fair and reasonable”
  • VAT complications.
  • Finding compromise between self-interested commercial and self-interested residential tenants.
  • Standards of repairs and reserve fund considerations when commercial tenants have short leases and residential tenants have long leases.
  • Nuisances; noise, scaffolding, guests, visitors and car parking.
  • Covenant enforcement and Dispute Resolution.

Intended For

Audience – who should attend

This course is for experienced residential property managers who have little/no experience of managing commercial property or mixed-use estates and need to ensure their knowledge spans both elements when tendering for or taking on such a management.


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