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This 3-hour online webinar will introduce managing agents and property managers to lifts, lift maintenance and their responsibilities under legislation. Participants will gain an understanding of how a lift functions, lift maintenance management, applicable codes and standards and how to plan for when a lift reaches the end of its service life.

Course Contents

What the course covers: 

  • What is a lift?
    • Lift types
    • Lift operation
    • Lift components
  • Regulation and standards:
    • The difference between codes, standards and regulations
    • Lift design and health and safety standards
    • Lift regulations Other applicable legislation
    • Responsibilities of the managing agent
  • Lift maintenance and maintenance management:
    • Service contract types
    • Maintenance costs
    • Managing your lift portfolio
    • Routine checks
  • Lift life cycles and future options:
    • Determining the condition of your lift
    • When to stop maintaining and start replacing
    • Refurbishment vs replacement Timescales. 

Intended For

This course is aimed at estate managers, property managers and anyone who is responsible for the management of a lift within their building. 


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