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There are a raft of contractual and statutory restrictions on the recovery of service charges, and failures to comply can result in lessees withholding payment of service charges. In some cases, the effects are suspensory and failures can be corrected. In other cases, failures are fatal to the recovery of those service charges. Failing to comply with Section 20B (or the so-called 18 month rule) can result in stale (and unrecoverable) service charges; something all managing agents want to avoid. In this webinar, we’ll explore the 18 month rule in some detail, and look at what it means for managing agents in practice. We’ll consider the latest case law on this topic, and offer some practical guidance for agents to try and avoid stale service charges.

Course Contents

This webinar will cover the following issues:

  • Section 20B – what does the law *actually* say and what does it mean
  • What’s the impact of failing to comply with the provisions of Section 20B
  • Does the 18 month rule apply to account demands for service charges
  • When does the 18 month clock start ticking
  • Section 20B(2) notices: what are they and how can they help stop the clock 
  • Approach of Courts and Tribunals to the 18 month rule. 

Intended For

This webinar is ideal for managing agents who are managing the collection and recovery of service charges across their portfolio.


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