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Leasehold properties change hands on a regular basis. If there are service charges which haven’t been settled, what happens to those arrears on any sale, transfer or disposition? Who should be pursued: the outgoing leaseholder or the incoming one? And what procedure can (and should) be followed? In this webinar, we’ll explore the practicalities of dealing with arrears of service charges when leasehold properties are assigned.

Course Contents

This webinar will cover the following issues:

  • Assignment, disposition, transfer: is it all alien(ation)?
  • What have you demanded? And what’s outstanding?
  • Disclosure of arrears on LPE1/presales enquiry packs
  • A (brief) guide to the Landlord and Audience Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995: who’s arrears are they anyway?
  • Who do you pursue for the arrears?
  • Who do you take enforcement action against?
  • Beware waiver of forfeiture.

Intended For

This webinar is ideal for anyone involved in the recovery of services charges, or in matters relating to leasehold assignment.


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