The more complex the development, the greater the chance of a complex structure of leases. Anyone managing a property should understand fully how each component in the structure interrelates with the others; otherwise their own duties will not be clear. A newly appointed manager should make understanding the lease structure at a development a priority.


A large number of freehold properties are divided not just into freehold and leasehold titles, but a complex hierarchy of head-leases and under-leases.

This is especially so with mixed use developments covering commercial and residential units.

The structures are often understood, but not necessarily how each of the elements interrelates.

Covering Topics

  • Overview
  • The Freehold
  • Head-Leases
  • Under-Leases
  • Sub-Tenancies
  • S20 Consultation Requirements And Head Leases
  • Forfeiture & Relief From Forfeiture
  • Common Parts Leases
  • Enfranchisement And Structures Of Titles
  • Right To Manage And Structures Of Titles
  • Conclusion
  • Further Information

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