There are legal requirements on landlords and managing agents regarding discrimination in the Equality Act 2010.

If you are an employer of staff it will not be a defence to show an employee discriminated without your knowledge. You have a legal liability for your employee's actions.

The requirements mean there is a duty not to give less favourable treatment to disabled persons and a duty to make reasonable adjustments if requested.

These legal duties do have an impact on the common parts of blocks of flats to some degree.

Covering Topics

  • Overview
  • What Is The Definition Of Disability
  • Legal Liability Of Employers For Discrimination
  • Forms Of Discrimination
  • Less Favourable Treatment
  • Duty To Manage Reasonable Adjustments
  • Auxilary Aids And Services
  • Adjustments To Policies, Practices And Procedures
  • The Duty To Change A Term Of A Lease
  • The Specific Duty To Change A Term That Prohibits The Making Of Disability Related Improvements
  • Physical Features And Reasonable Adjustments
  • What Is Reasonable For A Landlord / Managing Agent To Do?
  • Health And Safety And Adjustments
  • Refusal Of Consent To Improvements Requested By Disabled Persons
  • Who Pays For Adjustments?
  • What About Alterations To Common Parts?
  • Further Information
  • More Advice

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