Leaseholders have a statutory right to request information about their Landlords.

Leaseholders have a right to request information about the officers, including the directors, of a corporate Landlord.

It is an obligation on all Landlords to serve a notice on every leaseholder informing the leaseholder of an address for service of notices on the Landlord. Where this requirement has not been satisfied then the rent or service charges covered by the demand are not due and payable until this notice has been served.

Covering Topics

  • Overview
  • Request For Disclosure Of identity Of The Landlord (S.1 L&T Act 1985)
  • Request For Disclosure Of TheDirectors Of A Corporate Landlord (S.2 L&T Act 1985)
  • Duty To Notify Leaseholders Of Assignment Of Freehold Or Landlord's Interest (S.3 L&T Act 1985)
  • Duty To Provide An Address For Service Of Notices (S.48 L&T Act 1987)
  • Duty To Provide Landlord's Address On Demands For Rent And Service Charge And Adminstration Charges (S.47 L&T Act 1987)
  • S.47 And Appointment Of A Manager S.47(3) L&T Act 1987
  • S.47 & 48 And Right To Manage Companies
  • S.47 & 48 And Three Party Leases

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