Freeholders of houses paying a charge for communal areas do not have any of the legal rights given to leaseholders paying services charges, with one exception.

Managing agents should take particular care to ensure that freeholders are not offended and mislead by using the same standard systems and forms used for leaseholders.

This guidance note looks at the legal position of developments of freehold houses and sets out what is considered good practice for managing agents of them.

Covering Topics

  • Overview
  • The Legal Position Of Freeholders
  • The Rentcharges Act 1977
  • Estate Management Schemes
  • Freehold Transfer Documents
  • Good Practice For Estates Of Freeholders
  • Insurances
  • Health And Safety
  • Freehold Management Companies And Annual Statements Of Account
  • Customer Choice For Freeholders
  • Good Practice For Mixed Tenure Developments

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