This Guidance Note explains how landlords and managing agents can encourage the formation of, and cooperate with, properly constituted and democratically run Residents' Associations.


Managing agents should have a procedure by which to voluntarily give recognition to resident associations, subject to your client’s instructions and subject to the association representing the majority of leaseholders.

Recognition gives additional legal rights for an association.

Covering Topics

  • Overview
  • General Approach to Residents'Associations
  • Recognition of Residents' Associations by the Tribunal
  • Voluntary Recognition of Residents' Associations by Landlords
  • Model Rules/Constitutions for Recognised Residents' Associations
  • Recognition for How Long?
  • Withdrawal of Recognition
  • Checklist of Legal Rights Given to Recognised Residents' Associations
  • Provision of information to Tenants Association
  • Request Notice and Known Information
  • Information to Leaseholders
  • Enforcement
  • Fees
  • Working with Recognised Associations
  • Conclusion
  • Further Information
  • Appendix I - Model Rules / Constitution for Residents’ Association
  • Appendix ii - Information Form Template

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