Inevitably, over the period of a long lease, changes to the structure or amenities of
a block of ats or an individual at will prove to be desirable. Sometimes these changes will simply constitute repairs or maintenance, but more fundamental changes will result in alterations or improvements to the property.

Managing agents should have procedures in place for responding to requests from Leaseholders for permission required under the lease.

The purpose of this note is to look, among other things, at the question of what are alterations and improvements, the parameters within which they may be permitted and the consequences if they exceed those parameters. For ease of reference, changes by leaseholders will be considered under the heading of 'alterations' and by landlords under 'improvements', because that is the way they are normally characterised in leases.

Covering Topics

  • Overview
  • Alterations And Additions By Leaseholders
  • Improvements
  • 10 Summary

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