It is a criminal offence to clamp or tow away a vehicle on private land unless done by the police or local authority. (S.54 -56 Protection of Freedoms Act 2012).

Ticketing of vehicles parked without permission is the alternative for owners of private property.

Barriers are acceptable also.

Managing agents should ensure all leaseholders are informed about any ticketing arrangements in use and that there is clear signage.

This Guidance Note also includes dealing with untaxed and abandoned vehicles.

Covering Topics

  • Overview
  • The Ban On Clamping And Towing Away
  • Power Of The Police To Remove Obstructive Vehicles
  • Ticketing
  • Use of Barriers
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • What Is An Abandoned Vehicle?
  • Identifying An Abandoned Vehicle
  • Abandoned Vehicles On Public Land Or Highways
  • Abandoned Vehicles On Private Land
  • Untaxed Vehicles
  • Foreign Vehicles
  • Additional Information

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