• Overview
  • What are my Responsibilities as a Duty Holder?
  • How do I Fulfil my Duties?
  • Why Upgrade a Lift?
  • Compliance with Statutory Instruments
  • Poor Reliability
  • Failure of Major Components or Systems
  • Obsolescence
  • General Deterioration Due to Age
  • Change of Use or Perception
  • Energy of Power Consumption
  • Health and Safety
  • Standards and Codes
  • Maintenance
  • Why Refurbish or Modernise Instead of Fitting a New Lift?
  • What is the Difference Between Refurbishment and Modernisation?
  • Conclusions
  • Further Information

Covering Topics

As a ‘duty holder’ (Building Owner or Managing Agent) you have a legal responsibility to take reasonable practical measures to ensure that plant (lifts and escalators) are safe and without risks, not only to those that use them, but also to those that plant may be considered as a workplace.

Modernising plant and incorporating health and safety measures to existing plant assists in fulfilling your duties.

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