This Guidance Note explains about:

  • Risk assessment of trees;
  • High hedges;
  • Nuisance trees;
  • Tree root damage; and
  • Some things for agents to consider.

Covering Topics

  • Overview
  • Duty of Care Summary
  • What Is the Extent of the Duty of Care on Landlords and Managing Agents?
  • The Risks from Trees
  • HSE Guidance
  • The Nation Tree Safety Group Guidance (NTSG)
  • High Hedges
  • Nuisance Trees
  • Dangerous Trees - Local Council Powers
  • Damage by Tree Roots - The Law Lords' Ruling
  • Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas
  • Competency of Tree Surgeons
  • Access for Tree Works
  • Some Things for Managing Agents to Consider
  • Further Information

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