New build and newly-converted building warranties support the house-building industry in improving the build quality of new homes for homebuyers, whilst providing warranty protection to consumers when required.

Covering Topics

  • Overview
  • Other Warranties
  • Buildmark Cover From 1999 - April 2007
  • What Specified Parts Of Flats Are Covered?
  • What Is Not Covered?
  • When Does The Policy Covers Start And End?
  • The Minimum Claim Value For Common Parts For Properties Registered From 1999 - April 2007
  • Some Examples Explaining The NHBC Minimum Claim Value
  • What Can Be Done If The Cost Is Below The Minimum Claim Value?
  • Buildmark Cover From April 2007
  • The NHBC's Obligations For Later Years For Homes Warranted From April 2007
  • Can A Managing Agent Make A Claim For Common Parts?
  • Further Information

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