This Guidance Note provides background information concerning:

  • The challenges affecting sub-letting where there is a Lease in place, and restrictions that may be placed on a leaseholder's use of the flat.
  • An overview of AirBNB and short-term letting.
  • A recap of the legal environment regarding the rights of occupation outlined in leases, tenancies and licenses.

Covering Topics

  • Dealing with applications from Leaseholders for Consent to let
  • Subletting and Lease Covenants
  • The growth of AirBNB and Short-Term Lets
  • Leases, Tenancies & Licences
  • Typical Subletting Restrictions Found in Leases
  • Effective Management Solutions for AirBNB/Short-Term Lettings
  • Recent Cases Dealing with the Use of Residential Premises

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