A company must put on its website and emails the same company information that it would put on its letter headed paper. So the information will be:

  • Registered name and office of the company; 
  • Trading name if different;
  • Company registration number; and
  • Whether registered in England, Scotland or Wales.

Covering Topics

  • Legal Requirements for Any Company that Uses a Website or Emails
  • Data Protection and GDPR
  • Use of Emails for Notices Required by a Lease
  • Use Of Emails For Notices Required By Statute
  • Use of Email for Service Charge Demands and Routine Correspondence
  • Use of Email for Marketing to Leaseholders
  • Use of Email to Communicate with Shareholders/Members of RMCs
  • Use of Websites to Communicate with Shareholders/Members of RMCs
  • Use of Portals and Apps to Communicate with Residents
  • Service Rules for Company Communications
  • Telecoms Infrastructure (Lleasehold Property) (Cconditions and Ttime Llimits) Rregulations 2022
  • Further Information

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