All ARMA members must have a written complaints handling procedure. 

The existence of the procedure should be publicised and made well known to all clients and leaseholders, preferably with the Ombudsman’s logo displayed.

You must give a copy of your procedure to any leaseholder or resident that requests one; and it is good practice to give a copy to all clients.

Covering Topics

  • Overview
  • Ombudsman Services
  • Points to Consider on Use of the Redress Schemes
  • Benefits of Positive Complaints Handling
  • Good Practice for Writing/Reviewing a Complaints Handling Procedure
  • Publicising Your Complaints Procedure - Options
  • Mediation
  • Recommended Good Practice for Those Handling a Complaint
  • Checklist for Those Who Review the Handling of Complaints
  • Arbitration Clauses in Leases
  • Sample TPO-compliant CHP
  • Further Information
  • Annex A - TPO Sample Template
  • Annex B - TPO Process and Timescales

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