All managing agents have legal obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and
must adhere to the general principles set down by the GDPR.

You will have to notify the Information Commissioner (ICO) of your data processing activity.

Managing agents must maintain records of their processing activities.

Managing agents must have a purpose for processing personal data and a valid lawful basis for processing
personal data.

Covering Topics

  • Overview
  • General Principles Of The GDPR
  • Obligations Of Managing Agents Under The GDPR
  • Registration With The ICO
  • What Happens If You Fail To Notify?
  • Lawful Bases For Processing Personal Data
  • Communicating information To Leaseholders
  • Right Of Access
  • Rectification And Accuracy
  • Right To Be Forgotten
  • Security Principle
  • Personal Data Breaches
  • A Landlord’s Legal Obligation To Disclose information
  • Can I Provide Names And Addresses Of Leaseholders To Other Leaseholders In The Block
  • Can A Landlord Put Up A List Of Leaseholders Who Are In Arrears?
  • Can Landlords Disclose Details Of A Leaseholder Who Left Without Paying The Rent Or Service Charge?
  • What About Handing Over Records WhenTransfers Of Management Occur?
  • What About Pitching For New Management Business?
  • Data Destruction And Shredding
  • Encryption
  • Requirement For Residential Management Companies To Notify
  • Further Information
  • Appendix I - Glossary
  • Appendix II - Data Breach Reporting Flowchart
  • Appendix III - Privacy Notice Template
  • Appendix IV - Privacy Notice Guidance

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