While the Management Agreement itself is meant to provide a straight forward, standard and generic suggestion for members to use as their future agreements it should be noted that:

a.    The wording has a number of areas of text in italics or brackets that mean members have a choice of text and may wish to add text or delete it.
b.    The Appendices must not be taken as all encompassing, members must rely on their own knowledge of the property and its management requirements.
c.    All members' businesses and the properties they manage are likely to differ so specific legal advice may be required on the wording of the Agreement for any given situation.

The template is for guidance and not necessarily for automatic replication. 

Covering Topics

  • The Management Agreement 
  • The Law Of Agency
  • Term
  • Fidelity Cover
  • Flexibility In Appendices 
  • Fee Agreement - Appendix I 
  • The Services - Appendix II
  • Additional Charges - Appendix III
  • Fire, Health and Safety - Appendix IV
  • Company Secretarial Services - Appendix V
  • Additional Services In Relation to Buildings 11 Metres or more in Height  - Appendix VI
  • Additional Services In Relation To Higher Risk Buildings - Appendix VII
  • The Takeover And Handover Lists - Appendix Vlll
  • Further Information
  • Copyright
  • Template attached to end of this GN

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