• Draw up a clear menu of charges for sales enquiries information.
  • Have answers to model enquiries prepared when possible.
  • The Leasehold Properties Enquiries Form (LPE1) and the Buyers Leasehold Information Summary (LPE2) are available to members and attached to this Guidance Note.
  • Set timescales and procedures for the return of information to solicitors who have requested and paid for the information and/or documents.

Covering Topics

  • Overview
  • What Are They?
  • Sales Enquiries
  • Must They Be Answered?
  • To What Extent Are They Answerable?
  • Data Protection
  • When Might The Managing Agent Be At Risk?
  • How Might The Risk Be Minimised?
  • Disclaimer
  • A Suggested Procedure
  • LPE1 Form
  • LPE2 Form
  • FME1 Form
  • Changes to note in the revised LPE1

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