This Guidance Note explains these regulations (WTR) that apply to all employees.

• Workers can only be asked to work a maximum 48 hour week unless they sign an opt-out agreement. The opt out agreement for the UK still stands.

• Workers have a right to 11 hours rest a day.

• Workers have a right to 28 days paid leave per year.

• The definition of what is working time is crucial to the calculation of hourly rates of pay and the national minimum wage.

• ‘On call’ time for employees such as porters or caretakers who may have residential positions and be required to be on site is normally assumed to be working time.

• WTR also impact on employees that regularly attend evening meetings. 

Covering Topics

  • WTR: Basic Rights And Protections
  • What Is Working Time?
  • Opt-Out Agreement
  • 'On Call' Time
  • Working Time And The National Minimum Wage
  • Breach of WTR
  • Compensatory Rest Breaks
  • Evening Meetings
  • Holidays
  • Practical Tips For Residential Or On Call Sta
  • Further Information 

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