All managing agents should have business recovery plans which can put their business back on its feet after a disaster.
Other names used for this type of plan are business continuity, disaster recovery or emergency plan.

The definition used for such plans is the capability of a business to continue to deliver services at an acceptable level following an emergency.

Covering Topics

  • Overview
  • Why Have A Plan
  • The Steps In Developing A Plan
  • Analyse Your Business
  • What Are The Main Threats?
  • Assess The Risks/Give Them A Rating
  • Threat Rating
  • Impact Rating
  • Risk Register
  • Risks And Insurance
  • Developing The Plan
  • What Will Your Plan Look Like?
  • Test And Review The Plan
  • ARMA Crisis Line
  • Further Information
  • Annex A
  • Annex B
  • Annex C
  • Annex D
  • Annex E

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