ARMA as a trade organisation does not set any fee levels for its members or give any advice on what are market levels for fees. 

ARMA is concerned that its members act ethically when contracting with clients and agreeing and charging fees so this Guidance Note includes:

  • What is good practice regarding management fees;
  • What is relevant statute and case law; and
  • The use of time or activity-based costing to assist in setting and reviewing fees.

Covering Topics

  • Overview 
  • Good Practice 
  • Commissions
  • How to Comply with Good Practice
  • Major Works, Long Term Agreements and Fees
  • Handover of Schemes and Fees 
  • Disputes About Management 
  • The Law and Management Fees
  • Management Fees, the Management Agreement and Leases
  • Administration Charges
  • Time and Activity-Based Costing (ABC)
  • Benefits of Activity-Based Costing

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