IRPM’s fifth Tech Insights whitepaper, a series which aims to start a conversation around the future direction of residential block management, tackles ‘Building trust: the impact of technology on customer service’.


Out now, the whitepaper was formed after a round-table discussion between seven industry and tech experts who identified how the sector can use resident-focussed technology to deliver better customer service whilst supporting property professionals in their roles.


The latest tech insights whitepaper highlights events such as the Grenfell tragedy, the cladding crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, have reduced customer trust towards property management professionals, but identifies that technology can play a part in rebuilding this trust.


Other key points covered in the whitepaper include:

  • Apps need to be streamlined to work for consumers, and with consumer needs in mind.
  • Self-service technology such as face recognition and QR codes can help agents and residents, but they should be honest about their capabilities and not over-promise.
  • Make customers a part of your digital solutions by asking them what they want and need.

A July 2021 round-table discussion between seven industry and tech experts formed the basis of the whitepaper. Speakers represented tech suppliers, managing agents and Government-approved bodies.

The paper concludes with an outline of future targets in relation to technology and the sector. These include:

  • The IRPM wants to play a part in driving the use of helpful technology, by helping to set up pilot programmes to encourage sector collaboration.
  • The standardisation and consolidation of platforms will be key to ensuring technology usage is seamless.
  • The sector needs to pay particular attention to transparency around service charges. Technology can provide the solution here, rather than Government regulation

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We hope you enjoy the White Paper and find it as thought-provoking as our previous paper.

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