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Spike Global - Golden Thread, Resident Engagement and automation of manual tasks – how to use technology to reduce your stress points.

 Property management has been dramatically reshaped by changing regulations and evolving customer expectations. However, the tools and systems used have not always kept pace with these changing needs. Most property managers feel stress has significantly increased. Research reveals that property managers waste over 480 hours a year using inefficient systems and spend 288 hours annually on repetitive tasks that could be automated.

Drawing on over 13 years of experience in the property sector, Tech Talk presenters Spike work with property managers to solve these problems and help them to ensure compliance with new regulations.

Join our Tech Talk and learn how to:

•    use technology to increase building safety and support Golden Thread requirements.
•    identify your repetitive manual tasks and automate them.
•    strengthen customer retention and foster resident engagement using technology.


Emmett Smith - Product Director

Jonny Wootten - Marketing Director


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