As part of its Tech Insight programme, the IRPM brought together a group of leading industry experts to discuss a range of issues around data use in the property management sector.

Published today, Information overload: where to start with data? is a new white paper based on this conversation. It identifies the ways in which we use data, how our understanding of data and its potential is changing, and how this is impacting the property management profession.

The paper sets out the key challenges thrown up by the rapid increase in the generation, management and sharing of data and considers the future implications in light of building safety reform. Data-driven property provision was also discussed as a potential disrupter in our industry.

Key points are that:

  • In future the building manager will be central to the new building safety regime and data collection, storage, management and retrieval will be central to the role.
  • Disrupters are already seeing space as a digital service with data at its core and bricks and mortar as add-ons. This provides the opportunity for new data-rich and data-savvy players to enter the market.
  • Agreement between the property sector and government is urgently needed to adopt good data and ethical principles that will work across the industry.

The paper concludes that data will continue to play a central role in all our business and personal interactions and we must all learn to use it to benefit, not compromise, the security, safety and wellbeing of our businesses and our customers.

Finally there was recognition that:

  • IRPM has a role to play in endorsing data standards for the benefit of businesses, clients and residents.
  • Education is key to better data use. There is also a role here for the IRPM to help drive knowledge out across the industry.

We hope you enjoy the first of three instalments of our new UPRN white paper series and find it as thought-provoking as our previous tech insights papers. The IRPM LinkedIn member forum is open for further discussion.



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